Alfaparf Moisture Collection Set - Dry Hair

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Alfaparf Moisture Collection Set - Dry Hair

What it is

Dry, tangled hair. Hair becomes dry when it loses the correct level of moisture and nutrition. Moiusture area products re-establish the right hydre-level in the heart of the shaft, the lipid cement. Agsin in this case the hair is administered a recious touch of shine.

These micromolecules obtained from honey, hold moisture inside the fibre, remoisturising the hair and nourishing it intensely. 


The set contains

  • NUTRITIVE SHAMPOO 250ml- Cleansing and nourishment leaving the hair lank, for the softness and silkiness typical of healthy hair.
  • NUTRITIVE LEAVE-IN CONDITIONER 250ml- Thanks the nutrients, gently softens the hair shaft and increase the hair’s malleability.


Why you need it

This set contains softness that does not compromise shine, thanks to a perfectly balanced nourishment that leaves the hair immediately tangle-free and surprisingly light.


How to Use

  • NUTRITIVE SHAMPOO 250ml- Massage into damp hair, rinse off and repeat if desired. Follow up with conditioner.
  • NUTRITIVE LEAVE-IN CONDITIONER 250ml- Apply product as a treatment finishing step to damp hair. Distribute evenly over the lengths and the ends, then style.


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