Sustainability Statement

At Beauty Features, we felt obliged to focus on our environmental impact. We reduced paper by 99.9% in 2020 by removing the need to print paper. We achieved this by investing in a complete digital solution that future proofs our business.

We have worked with our vendors to provide recycled material from your order. This includes the paper that protects your products, to the box that your order arrives.

Based on our research we have selected 6 different types of boxes. The goal is to use the correct box size for each order. The result? We removed the requirement to overuse paper/packing material. We also reuse boxes that we receive from suppliers when we can. This extends the life cycle of this box.

• Our cardboard boxes include up to 70% recycled content.
• The Protega void fill paper you use is 100% recycled and is recyclable.
• The bubble wrap is 100% recyclable (used in .001% of orders)
• Our grey carrier mailing bags are made from 100% recycled content.
• The mailer envelopes have a recycled paper outer and the bubble on the inside contains 30% recycled content and is also recyclable after use (limited use)
• Paper used for order processing reduced by 99.9% in 2020