Moroccanoil Treatment Oil 125ml for the price of 100ml

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Moroccanoil Treatment Oil 125ml for the price of 100ml


Moroccanoil features an ultra-light formula which is suitable for all hair types – helping to restore shine, strengthen the hair and condition your hair from root to tip. This hydrating oil instantly absorbs into the hair, giving you an instant shine with long-term conditioning, without leaving any trace of residue. This is what makes this oil one of the most sought-after hair care treatments across the world, with thousands of women getting all the benefits of rich, nourishing oils that are enriched with nutrients to make hair shine with health.

•    Quality product commitment

As an eco-friendly hair product that is not tested on animals, this treatment also used recycled packaging and only the best natural non-animal derivative ingredients to ensure that you are getting a natural and low carbon product that is good for the earth as well as your hair. Don’t settle for copy cat brands that claim to give the same level of treatment – always ensure that you are using original Moroccanoil products to ensure that you are getting the guarantee of quality.

•    Wide range of treatments

Choose from a range of world-class products, including the original oil treatment for all hair types, as well as products to suit all hair types. Fine or light coloured hair, dry scalp treatments, hydrating hair masks and many other products are taking the world by storm, giving women the hair they have always wanted – silky, hydrated and naturally beautiful.

•    Quality treatments for all hair types

Fortified with essential nutrients, you can choose the oil to suit your hair type. By balancing the damage that is caused by chemical processing, styling and environmental factors, this treatment successfully restores health, shine and strength. The UV guard protects your hair from the sun's harmful rays, while the patented weightless formula prevents build-up – meaning that even the thickest strands of hair become softer, shinier and easier to manage. Natural ingredients and intensive nutrients ensure that your hair is given the boost it needs to restore your mane to full health and strength. Beauty Features is proud to bring you the world’s most coveted hair treatments, giving you hair that is healthy, shiny and beautiful.

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