Joico Body Luxe Thickening Conditioner 300ml

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Joico Body Luxe Thickening  Conditioner 300ml

What it is

Most “plumping” conditioners bulk you up, but they can also weigh you down, which is the last thing a head of fine hair wants to hear. The luxurious formula manages to give you all the lift and dimension you’re looking for, while leaving hair bouncy, buoyant… and tangle free.

The zero-weight Oat Protein Complex (the staple of any bodybuilder’s hair diet) combines two powerful Proteins and Amino Acids that work in tandem to thicken strands and leave hair fully moisturized. Bio-Advanced Peptide Complex helps reconstruct and heal any damaged spots.

Why you need it

The Joico Body Luxe Thickening Conditioner is perfect for Fine-to-normal hair types who want to be in a weight class all their own.

How to Use

After cleansing with our Volumizing Shampoo, apply conditioner, leave in for one minute, then rinse thoroughly. You’ll feel – and see – results immediately.

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