Konjac Sponge with French Green Clay (Normal-Oily)

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Konjac Sponge with French Green Clay

For normal to oily skin.

Suffering from oily or combination skin? In the pursuit of naturally cleansed and exfoliated skin, look no further than the skin affirming Konjac Sponge!  Derived from 100% organic vegetable root, and enriched with the nourishing action of French Green Clay, this revitalising sponge free from additives and colours, ensures vitally beautiful, purified skin! Native to Asia, the Konjac plant fibre is rich with proteins, purely sourced essential minerals and laden with Vitamins from A to C.


Created for normal, oily and combination skin the mineral laden  Konjac Sponge infused with French Green clay delivers  a professionally spa like experience absorbing dirt and bacteria  as it actively cleanses visible pores. Boasting an effective sterilisation action and a unique net like structure which gently massages as blood flow is stimulated and skin cells are renewed. Alkaline enriched and naturally ph. balanced, the Konjac Sponges gentle exfoliation will leave skin 100% naturally refreshed, cleansed, and revitalised, an essential ingredient in the quest for vitally beautiful and healthy skin!



Directions for use:


  • Before use always rinse thoroughly with water, ensuring that sponge is wet and fully absorbent.
  • Gently massage the skin (face or body) in a circular motion to encourage exfoliation and removal of dead skin cells. The massaging will support cell regrowth and stimulate circulation.
  • Cleansing lotion can be applied if required, but is not necessary to achieve optimal skin response.
  • Rinse sponge after use, allow to dry for storage.



Tips:        Did you know the sponge puff is approximately 8cm x 3.5cm! Cleverly designed to fit firmly in the palm of your hand. Sponge size alternates depending on the amount of water absorbed!


                Don’t let the pampering stop there!  After cleansing with sponge, and before bed, apply the rejuvenating luxury of Decleors Aroma Night Neroli Essential Night Balm. A lush balm that soothes and relaxes whilst moisturising and nourishing as you sleep. Also chemical free. Wake up to a naturally new you!




  • 100% Natural Sponge
  • 100% Biodegradable
  • Naturally Sustainable
  • Environmentally Safe





  • All Konjac Sponges are naturally moist! Condensation present is normal in packaging     


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