Decleor - Prolagene Lift - Intense Youth Concentrate 30ml

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Decleor - Prolagène Lift - Intense Youth Concentrate 30ml

An intensive firming treatment providing immediate lifting properties.


Intensive Youth Concentrate contains the highest concentration of the remarkable L-PROLINE Complex to reactivate collagen synthesis, reorganise, consolidate and tighten the dermal mesh. It acts like a real ‘cell lift’.  

An enriched formula of 3 active ingredients combined with DECLÉOR’s unique ‘Lift Jeunesse Complex’; an exceptional formulation that acts on skin’s surface to provide immediate lifting properties. After just 21 days, skin is firmed by 41%*.

* Clinical score conducted on 31 women – objective measurement by an expert conducted after the first use and after 21 days of application.


How will I use it?

Use as a 3 week intensive duo treatment in the morning and evening with AROMESSENCE™ Iris Serum. After cleansing, apply 2 drops to a cleansed face.



Active ingredients:

  • L-Proline Complex - a combination of the L-Proline Molecule and Soy Extract to act on collagen and boost fibroblasts, helping reactivate skins firmness.
  • Iris Essential Oil - helps protect fibres against glycation and stimulate the quality of  elastic fibres, boosting the skins elasticity.
  • Hyaluronic Acids – a combination of low and high molecular weight Hyaluronic Acids to fill in wrinkles on the surface and deeper down.

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