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Alpha H Liquid Gold - 200ml for the price of 100ml

What it is

Supersize Liquid Gold from Alpha-H. This salon size of Liquid Gold is enriched with natural glycolic acid to help you enjoy brighter, smoother-looking skin. Liquid gold is a powerful firming serum, this works like an 'overnight facial' to tighten and revitalise tired, ageing skin and radically improve the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, open pores and acne prone skin conditions. Liquorice helps combat acne and hyper-pigmentation, whilst Glycolic Acid (derived from sugar cane), jump-starts the skin's metabolism - refining its texture by dissolving the bonds that hold dead skin cells together, so they're sloughed away with your morning cleanse to reveal a more luminous, glowing complexion.


Why you need it

A silky night serum which is instantly absorbed by cell membranes, it restores a golden glow to even the most lack-lustre complexions. Revitalising and firming in just one application, this clear liquid helps tackle hyper-pigmentation, acne, fine lines and enlarged pores, reversing some of the tell tale signs of skin ageing and too much time in the sun - it's like having a facial whilst you slumber!


How to Use

  • Simply apply on alternating nights to your face, neck and decollete after cleansing and before going to bed
  • Ideal for mature, sun damaged and dull complexions

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