Kerastase Nutritive Bain Nutrithermique 250ml

Hair Type:

Kérastase Bain NutriThermique 250ml


Cleanse – Nutrition for Dry & Sensitised Hair


Discover the luxury ensemble that is the Kerastase Hair Care collection. Launched in France in 1964, Kerastase was born from the world renowned La Recherché Avancee L’Oreal, a prestigious research institute, delivering unique, avantgarde formulas enriched with innovation and aspiration.


Experience the replenishing action of the award winning Nutritive Range from the world revered Kerastase Paris.  Kerastase Nutritive Bain Nutrithermique is a brilliant thermoactivated cleansing treatment for sensitised, parched hair, dripping with softness, luminosity and virtual shine. Eliminating the harmful effects of over styling and environmental aggressors that parch the hair fibre, hair is deeply nourished and vital!


Cleverly created to nourish all  levels of dry and sensitised hair, the customised  Nutritive programme will relax the most rebellious and frizzy of hair whilst defining and enhancing the most wayward of natural curl. Infused with Palm and Shorea Oils that feed the thirsting tress to Silicone derivatives that aid weightlessness and create beautifully smooth and luminous hair!


Directions for use


Apply to wet hair. Massage gently through scalp and hair using circular motion. Rinse thoroughly using hot water, and repeat the process. Leave for 23 minutes, rinsing thoroughly with hot water.


Use a water temperature of 35°C to ensure optimal results




  • THERMOINTENSE System: Four agents activate with the addition of heat which enhances the nourishing power.
  • GlucoActive Dosage 3: Combining essential ingredients (carbohydrates, proteins, lipids) for complete nutrition of the hair fibre from root to tip



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