Thalgo Activ Detox (previously: Ocea Drain) - 10 Day Detox

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Who is it for?

Detox and Purification


Excess toxins in the body can have repercussions on the figure and skin. This 10-Day Nutritional Supplement, with its 100% natural-origin active ingredients helps you to recover a sense of well-being and lightness.

  • Fennel and artichoke extracts encourage detoxification of the body by helping to drain and eliminate toxins,
  • Fucus brown algae helps promote weight loss,
  • Recommended before starting an intensive slimming or beauty programme, or before a change of season.

How to Use:

  • 1 vial per day to be diluted in a glass of water or fruit juice, as a 10-day course.

BeautyFeatures Style Guide:

  • Thalgo Activ Detox is an intensive course of treatment to be used at each change of season and whenever the need arises.

 Key Information:

  • With plant extracts from organic agriculture and Fucus Brown Algae from organic agriculture, certified by Ecocert SAS F-32600

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