Clarins - Toning Lotion - Dry/Normal - 200ml


Clarins Toning Lotion "Dry to Normal Skin" 200ml


Alcohol-free plant based lotion to refresh dry or normal skin and gently complete the perfect cleansing program.

Beauty Benefits: 
- Gently removes any traces of Cleansing Milk. 
- Tones skin and clarifies complexion. 
- Promotes soft, comfortable, radiant skin. 
- Moisturises and softens. 
- Facilitates smooth make-up application and enhances long-lasting wear. 
- Enhances the action of products applied afterwards. 



- Alpine Herbs (softens)

- Vitamins A, B, E: improves skin's overall qualities

- Chamomile

- Linden



- Apply after using Clarins Extra-Comfort Cleansing Cream
- Slightly dampen two small cotton pads Clarins Extra-Comfort Toning Lotion.
- Carefully sweep over the face, around the eyes and over the neck. 
- Blot dry with a tissue or soft towel.

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