Queen of Skincare, Haircare and ruler of Agony Aunt!

Queen of Skincare, Haircare and ruler of Agony Aunt!

Sophie Murray

The beautiful Sophie is a Dublin based Influencer best known for her hilarious Agony Aunt, glam style and top quality selfcare. With a passion for selfcare Sophie knows how to keep up a good skincare and haircare routine.

About Sophie:

Hair - Naturally Mousey Blonde can be dry from colouring hair.

Skin - Normal skin, suffers with dehydration and sensitivity.

We asked Sophie in her own words, what are her go to products and why:

Moroccanoil Treatment Light

“This is my favourite hair care product.”

“The shine in your hair girls, it feels like you've just woken up with a fresh head of hair. When you apply this product your hair feels like baby hair, so smooth and so soft just as if you have never damaged it a day in your life. It creates this healthy gorgeous appearance and to top it all off it smells so nice”

How To Use:

“I apply two pumps to my hands, rub the palms of my hands together and run my fingers and hands through my hair.”

Dermalogica Pre Cleanse

“The Dermalogica PreCleanse is my go to every single time.”

“It is a luxurious oil so it melts everything away, Makeup,Sunscreen and dirt. It really does an amazing job by clearing the skin when prepping for your second cleanse (always double cleanse). I'm obsessed, I don't go a day without it because I do wear makeup every single day. I'm a sensitive queen and the Dermalogica Precleanse doesn't upset my skin, it doesn't cause breakouts, irritations or cause any trouble , it helps to take my makeup off so easily and gently.”

How to use:

“I use 1 pump when I don't have makeup on and I use 2 to 3 pumps when I have makeup on. I apply the product to the palms of my hands and gently massage the product into my face and neck breaking down any makeup or dirt.“

CeraVe Daily Moisturising Lotion

“CeraVe is my new best friend because I am a sensitive Sally.”

“I am currently on antibiotics for my skin which means I have to be super careful as to what I put on my skin. This product is perfect for just that.

I like to moisturise with the daily moisturising lotion from CeraVe as I have dehydrated and sensitive skin. It's just so good to me it's going to hydrate without upsetting the skin. Amazing!!”

How to use:

“Apply a pump into your hands then gently apply to your face.”

14th Oct 2020 Grace

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