AMAZING COSMETICS ® - Amazing Concealer Brush

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AMAZINGCOSMETICS® - Amazing Concealer Brush


The AmazingConcealer® Brush is the perfect complement to our AmazingConcealer®. Using this brush allows for the perfect concealer application every time and will stop you from over-applying the product.


The small brush head allows for the perfect application and placement of the tiny pin-dot amounts required to erase imperfections. Designed to stop you over-applying the product, this brush is great for sweeping, dabbing, and blending concealer application, and is made with high-quality synthetic fiber for flawless, professional results. #complexionperfection


How to Apply:

The highly concentrated AmazingConcealer® formula needs only pin-dot amounts to erase most skin imperfections. We recommend applying with the AmazingConcealer® Brush and blending with fingertips. Follow these simple steps to ensure a flawless, undetectable application. Dot: Using the AmazingConcealer® Brush, disperse pin-dot amounts of concealer evenly over desired area. Blend: Using your ring finger, gently tap and smooth the dots of concealer to blend. Repeat: If needed, repeat the Dot and Blend steps until the desired coverage is built and the flaw disappears. It's that simple… #DotBlendRepeat



She Knows Beauty Awards 2013, Ladies Home Journal "This Stuff Works" Beauty Awards 2011, Allure Best of Beauty Awards 2005


In the Press...

You don't have to be a celebrity to wear AmazingConcealer®, but the little black tube has found it's way in to the hands of some of Hollywood's most influential and beautiful people and boasts celebrity devotees such as Drew Barrymore, Heidi Klum and Cindy Crawford. AmazingConcealer® is also a favourite behind the scenes of some of the hottest film and TV projects from Mad Men and Gossip Girl to True Blood, Glee, Vampire Diaries and more…  


"AmazingConcealer®. I live, die and breathe by it." Drew Barrymore to People Magazine


AmazingCosmetics®, AmazingConcealer® is summed up by its name; it illuminates the eye, lends full coverage, but feels weightless on your skin. Brilliant. Cosmopolitan Magazine


As its name suggests, this really is impressive, and gives excellent coverage on dark circles and blemishes. Stella Magazine/Telegraph


If there is one product which would be an everyday essential for any beauty lover, then it would have to be concealer… over the years I have tried many brands… I have to say with all my heart, that I truly love this product. Teacups and Buttondrops


It lasted all day and did an amazing job of covering my dark circles and redness at the side of my nose… It didn't seep in to creases, stayed moist and all in all, it's going to outperform products like Touché Éclat on every level. Huge, huge recommend from me. British Beauty Blogger


I kid you not when I say it won't budge regardless of where you apply it - no creasing on the under eyes etc. and that is on the oiliest of skin types… if one concealer can survive a long hot summer (wishful thinking eh) it is this!" The Sunday Girl


AmazingConcealer® has become one of the most important and effective products used on the cast. Nikki Ledermann - MUA for Sex and The City, The Devil Wears Prada, PS I Love You


My clients rely on me to make them flawless and that's why I rely on AmazingCosmetics. Tym Buacharern - MUA for One Tree Hill, Dreamgirls, Pirates of the Caribbean


This dynamic concealer is truly awesome. They come in small tubes for a reason, a little goes a long way. They have an incredible colour range and I often mix colours to get just the perfect tone since everyone’s face is so specific. They have incredible coverage for dark circles, uneven skin colour, spot coverage and it can even be mixed with foundation or moisturizer. I find it very adaptable and know it is a product I can rely on. Amy Tagliamonti - Three time Emmy Award winning MUA for Gossip Girl, The Carrie Diaries, Saturday Night Live and The Leftovers.

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