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Pimples, breakouts, adult acne, blemishes, flaming-red bumps of misery....whatever your pet name is for those confidence zapping spots of heartache, they can prove quite a nightmare. However, the question remains why are you breaking out in the first place? Why has an irritating cluster of pimples set up camp on your chin?

#1: Have you been touching your face?

Do you find it hard to pass a mirror without a little squeeze? Are you guilty of regularly touching your face? All this poking and prodding can cause blemishes to develop, or make existing breakouts worse. When you feel inclined to sneak in a little squeeze remember that picking at your skin spreads pimple-causing bacteria, so keep the mittens away!

#2: Have you been over indulging?

Unfortunately, there is truth in the rumour that over indulging can produce pimples in a flash. The caffeine and theobromine found in chocolate is known to cause clogged pores and those awe-inspiring carb-rich foods spike your blood sugar levels all of which can result in acne. If you find yourself with your hand in the double dipped cookie jar, try cutting back and remember moderation is the key.

#3: Are my hormones out of whack?

When you are experiencing stress your body produces cortisol- the stress hormone in response. One of the many influences raised cortisol levels can have is a direct influence on the condition of your skin, causing acne flare-ups and breakouts. So you find yourself in a cranky ole’ mood and your body rewards you with pimples! That seems fair! Cortisol and other stress hormones actively stimulate the oil glands, promoting excess oil production which clogs pores and forms  pimples. Keeping your stress levels under control will not only benefit your skin but your body and well-being as a whole. Take up meditation, mindfulness or exercise, find a way to relax...believe us your skin will thank you for it.

#4: Am I using the wrong skin care products for my skin type?

If you find that you are cleansing, toning and  moisturising within an inch of your life, but still breaking out, what’s a girl to do? Even though you have the skin care routine down pat, you may simply be using products not specifically suited to your skin type and condition and therefore, your skin is not benefiting from them. Try switching to a foaming cleanser that’s formulated for oily skin types to clear your skin of excess oil and bacteria and swap the heavy face cream for a hydrating facial oil (yes, facial oils work wonders on oily complexions) and a lighter, oil-free moisturiser.

#5: Could I be washing my face wrong?

If you’re experiencing breakouts around the hairline, jawline or nose you may not be cleaning those areas thoroughly. So make sure you target all the nooks and crannies. Also, try washing your face at the end of your shower, after you’ve washed your hair, this will help to wash away any shampoo or conditioner residue from your face and prevent it from clogging pores.

If you’re prone to breakouts or are currently experiencing a flare-up try the Clearogen Anti-Blemish Kit a revolutionary 3-step anti-blemish skin care solution clinically proven to effectively reduce and clear spots and blemishes while defending against the formation of future skin breakouts. Suitable for all skin types, Clearogen is idea for both men and women and if used daily on a regular basis delivers visibly transformative effects within 30 days and a significant improvement within 60 days!

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