​Ask Beautyfeatures.ie: How Do I Prevent Oily Hair

​Ask Beautyfeatures.ie: How Do I Prevent Oily Hair

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For those of us who suffer with oily hair it can be troublesome, not only does the hair look lifeless and limp it can also encourage acne along the hair line and cause a sizeable dent in the old self esteem department. Oily hair can be as a result of various factors from hormonal imbalance to pregnancy and the menopause even health concerns such as thyroid complications, so once you’ve excluded a medical cause for your oil slicked mane, why not try our top 5 ways to prevent those greasy, limp strands once and for all. Let us know how you get on!

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How to Prevent Oily Hair

1.) Skip the shampoo. Remember that “Sebum is not your friend”! Over washing your hair strips your hair and scalp of its natural oils and causes an overproduction of sebum. If like many of us you feel that your hair is dirty if not shampooed every day, think again, you are encouraging oily, greasy hair which may also be as a result of product build-up. Try scaling your routine back a little, take small steps to retrain your hair, obviously there will be an adjustment period but you are truly treating your hair to a respite if you do. Give a dry shampoo a whirl if you need for those in between days. or why not try Kerastase Initialiste Scalp & Hair Concentrate. Designed by Kerastase to enrich and create beautiful hair at its source, treating the scalp and the follicle ensuring the radiant future of the hair and its longevity

2.) Apply your shampoo and conditioner the right way. Seems like a no-brainer, right? Wrong, many of us practise the art of lathering and rinsing far too quickly, depriving our hair of much needed TLC. As you shampoo make sure to scrub the lather into your scalp so it cleanses both the hair and the scalp, then rinse thoroughly. As a rule of thumb always apply shampoo to the roots and ensure your conditioner coats the hair right down to the very tip of the strands. Check out "Your Biggest Hair Problems Solved", for more advice!

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3.) Have a healthy diet. A diet rich in nutrients like the awe inspiring omega 3 fatty acids, biotin and vitamin A, all play a crucial role in encouraging a healthy scalp environment that regulates oil and promotes strong hair growth. What you eat can have an effective positive effect on the condition of your hair, skin and overall health; remember a healthy balanced scalp will not over produce sebum, but support beautifully vital hair.

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4.) Use a clarifying shampoo or rinse. As we constantly shampoo, condition and style our hair is prone to product build-up. We expose the hair to various chemicals that can coat the hair, making each wash less effective as the build-up increases resulting in oily, limp, weighted down locks. Beautyfeatures.ie totally recommends using a clarifying shampoo. For optimal results use at least once a week to eliminate oil producing residue and support your normal shampoo in doing its job. We suggest Kérastase Specifique Bain Divalent, designed to reduce and eliminates excess oil and created to correct scalp imbalances and rejuvenate oily hair, this just may be one solution you can’t live without!

5. Know your hair. Many factors can influence the texture of our hair. Oily and greasy hair quite often can be as a result of external factors such as the weather or the stress of changes within your lifestyle. Perhaps your hormones are in need of correction or balance, both external and internal factors can play a part in our oily troubles. Why not keep a track of what you’ve done differently, what products have worked for you and what products haven’t, have you changed your diet? By keeping abreast of the influences that may be responsible, or not, you can take more effective measures to prevent it from reoccurring.

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Do you have any other tips for preventing oily hair? What works best for you? Share your tips in the comments below!