An Exclusive Q&A With Our NEW Brand Ambassador Ruth Bergin!

An Exclusive Q&A With Our NEW Brand Ambassador Ruth Bergin!

We're absolutely thrilled to announce one of our favourite makeup moguls Ruth Bergin as the Beauty Features brand ambassador! To celebrate Ruth's arrival, we've teamed up with her to ask some of your most asked questions about Ruth's top beauty picks, tips and trips! 

Q: Hi Ruth! I think this is one we’re all dying to know! Where did it all begin for you? Were you always into makeup? I think many of us remember our first step into the realm of beauty.

A: I have always been fascinated by makeup. There are photos of me putting lipstick on my sister when I was 3! My aunties used to give me bags of makeup they didn’t want and it felt like the most exciting thing at the time. I even recall getting kicked out of class in secondary school for refusing to wear less blush! In hindsight, less blush probably wouldn’t have been a bad call….My first step into the realm of beauty was probably a part time makeup course I did in Cork when I took a year out after I left my Fine Art Degree. I remember feeling so out of my depth and challenged, and ever since then I have been obsessed with striving to be the best I can be. I feel so lucky to have found something that brings me so much joy and satisfaction and brings so many opportunities my way.

Q: As a professional, you’ve probably come across a wealth of products. But if you could have just three items in your makeup/beauty bag, what would be your desert island must-haves?

A: There’s a whole universe of products out there, it’s amazing how accessible products and brands have become to us in Ireland through websites like BeautyFeatures. My top three desert island products at the moment would have to be;

Q: Excellent choices! Tell us a bit about why you became a makeup artist. What is it about the beauty industry that inspires you?

A: When I was a teenager, the makeup and beauty industry in Ireland wasn’t like it is now, especially being from the midlands. We would have to do the yearly pilgrimage on the train up to Brown Thomas to stock up on Mac Cosmetics! I always adored makeup but I really never even considered that maybe I could do it as a career. I was really lucky that I worked really hard and took every opportunity as it came to me, so I ended up on my right path. I would say it’s the artistry side I enjoy the most and that there is always something new to learn. Your upskilling is never done!

Q: Speaking of skills, no look would be complete without the right tools- what are your favourites for application, are you a brush or sponge kind of girl?

A: I am definitely a believer that you need decent brushes to achieve beautiful makeup, they make everything easier. Good eye brushes are an absolute must and I couldn’t live without my Ruth Bergin Signature Sponge from Rebeluna for a flawless base. All my tools are Rebeluna, the best makeup brush/sponge brand there is in my opinion. My Ruth Bergin X Rebeluna Signature Collection has 8 brushes and is available on Beauty Features!

Q: Again, as a makeup artist, you must get so see many approaches to makeup. What are your top tips to achieving a flawless look, and are there any particular products you recommend to achieve it?

A: I would say that beautiful makeup starts with cared-for skin. You wouldn’t believe the amount of people who don’t exfoliate their skin or have any kind of skincare routine- consistency is the key to beautiful skin and of course makeup looks so much better on a prepped base. I love the Dermalogica Daily Microfoliant - you can use it in the shower daily and it has that lovely scrubby texture so you feel like your skin is brand new. Embryolisse Lait Crème Concentrate is a great all round moisturiser for all skin types and a beautiful base for makeup- a staple in my kit. Thalgo Udereye Patches aren’t gooey so they’re great to freshen up your under eyes before makeup. Im also a big fan of Inglot since my days working on counters, especially their eyeshadows, brow gels and lip products! When it comes to base products, Sculpted by Aimee cannot be beaten.

Q: What do you think you’d be doing if you weren’t a makeup artist, or was makeup always your one true passion?

A: I would probably be doing something else creative and practical like maybe brows or jewellery making – my dad has been a jeweller and watch maker for 50 years. Or maybe the food industry as a lot my family are involved in it.

Q: Since the pandemic started, it’s been all too easy to neglect our skincare and makeup routines when we’ve been behind our masks for so long. Has that been difficult to navigate, especially during lockdowns when you couldn’t meet clients?

A: I found it really strange to begin with when the pandemic hit and I could no longer meet clients face to face, I didn’t realise what a social job it is until it was taken away. I’m very lucky that I was able to focus more on my Instagram work and content creation, and work with brands as well as run online makeup courses for the first time. I had to adapt, so I did!

Q: We’re obsessed with your Instagram, of course, and you cover all bases from full glam to bridal looks. What’s it like playing such a pivotal role in a bride’s big day?

A: I’ve been doing a lot more bridal the past couple of years and have really been enjoying it. I’m lucky to always meet the kindest, most generous people and it’s always great fun being there on the morning! I also love seeing venues around Ireland and all the unique details brides choose. It’s such a fun part of the job.

Q: You’re one of many influencers that we all love to keep up with online. What other influencers inspire you the most?

A: I follow so many people and I think it’s important to take things online with a pinch of salt but I love to follow hard working women like Rosie Connolly, Aimee Connolly, Keilidh Cashel and Michelle Regazoli – I also follow a lot of celebrity makeup artists like Patrick Ta and Makeup By Mario.

Q: Being an influencer looks like a world of fun, but are there challenges, too?

A: I would say it’s important to not get wrapped up in what others appear to be doing and stay true to yourself. I also think it’s very important to keep a level of privacy in your life and not over share- unfortunately once you post something online you can’t take it back!

Q: It’s the one we all need to know; everyone can see that your blonde is absolutely fabulous. But us blondes, myself included, know the maintenance that comes with being blonde. How do you maintain such a clean shade, and how do you tackle that pesky brassiness that we all want to keep at bay?

Q: I have always been blonde and always will be. I’m a Leo so my hair is very important to me, it’s my crown! If you want to be blonde, it’s SO important to buy good quality products and take care of your hair. I love the Color Wow Dream Filter for keeping my hair bright, the Olaplex Range is amazing for blondes and Alfaparf have an amazing range for all hair and scalp concerns and always leave your hair super soft. I have noticed a huge difference in my hair since switching to exclusively salon-quality products. I dye my hair, get various types of extensions and style it regularly and I never see a dip in the condition of it when using good products.

Q: Here at BeautyFeatures, we’re proud to be Irish and were thrilled to support and stock other Irish businesses and brands. Do you have any favourites you’d love to share?

A: Some of my favourite Irish brands available on BeautyFeatures would have to be Sculpted by Aimee, Rebeluna Cosmetics, The Belle Brush and Inglot

4th Apr 2022 Shannon

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