Nioxin Cleanser 1 - 1000ml (Shampoo)

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Hair Type:
Hair Loss/Thinning

Who is it for?

Natural Hair with Light Thinning


Cleanser designed specifically for hair experiencing thinning. It strengthens the hair while refreshing the scalp and delivering a healthy shine.

  • Removes oil and debris such as sebum, fatty acids and environmental residue which can block hair follicles.
  • Gently clears nutrient pathways to your scalp and hair follicles without stripping hair of essential oils.
  • Amplifies hair texture whilst refreshing the scalp with white tea extract and peppermint oil

How to Use:

  • Wet hair thoroughly
  • Apply the Cleanser and massage gently into the scalp and lengths for one minute
  • Rinse thoroughly

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