​Want Fabulously Festive Hair?

​Want Fabulously Festive Hair?

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So we’ve seen Tubs’ in his Christmas jumper, and the house is glittering with tinsel; the presents have begun to pile up beneath your 7ft tree of perfectly matched ornaments and lights and you can recite all the lyrics verbatim to Mariah Careys ‘All I want for Christmas’ in your sleep (arrrgggh!) Yes folks, Christmas has arrived and with it, the official start of party season. So as you ponder whether it’s a pair of jolly Jimmy Choos with gold shadow and a plum lip or a head of Chrismassy curls and tangled tresses, it’s safe to say the party season is about to wreck havoc on your crowning glory! So we’ve got the lowdown from the professionals on how you can make sure your hair stays in tip-top condition as you style and colour this party season.

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Over styling can have a two pronged effect on the condition of your hair – heat damage and product build-up. The dynamic duo of frizz and fuzz! For many of us, it’s so easy to become trapped in a vicious cycle of heat styling. We straighten and iron, curl and wave, leaving the hair parched, thirsty and brittle with ends that are frayed and split – all tell tale signs of too much heat styling. And to cover the damage we tend to style more – with you’ve guessed it, heat styling tools. Stylists recommend that to combat the effects of heat damage, we should use hair products and treatments that will repair and restore like those from the Moroccanoil Hydrating range which have been specifically created to deliver intense hydration to hair that has been damaged from the effects of continuous heat styling.

As for product build-up, which can leave the hair, limp, heavy, lacklustre and believe it or not – darker! Product build-up happens as we use hairspray, mousse, smoothing serums or texturisers and even our daily shampoo and conditioners. Stylists recommend using a clarifying shampoo such as the Moroccanoil Clarifying shampoo to effectively remove excess product. Check out our blog  Be Hair Hassle Free this Winter.

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Beautyfeatures.ie hair repair product picks for heat damage: Moroccanoil Hydrating ShampooMoroccan Oil Hydrating Conditioner and Moroccanoil Intense Hydrating Mask

Beautyfeatures.ie hair repair product picks for product build-up Moroccanoil Clarifying Shampoo and Moroccanoil Dry Scalp Treatment.

Beautyfeature.ie hair repair Christmas gift set picks for damaged hair : Moroccanoil Xmas Mini Repair Kit and Moroccanoil Xmas Mini Hydrating Kit.

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With the change of season’s it’s quite common to want to change your hair colour. And why not? However it’s vital that you know how colouring and highlighting may damage it and what you can do to keep it as healthy as possible. Did you know that when you colour your hair, it actually lifts the hair cuticles? This gives the dye the chance to change the colour. When you are highlighting your hair this process actually destroys the hair colour particles and bleaches your natural hair colour away. Both of these processes can easily leave you with damaged hair. Which is why it’s crucial to use treatments that deliver a deep conditioning to your hair. Stylists suggest conditioning your hair with a rich after colour conditioner that will re-seal the cuticle and lock in the colour, leaving your hair, smooth, shiny and colour vibrant. If you lighten your hair make sure to use an intense conditioning mask at least once a week to replenish lost moisture from the colouring process.

Beautyfeatures.ie hair repair product picks for coloured hair Redken Colour Extend Shampoo & Redken Colour Extend Conditioner and the Moroccanoil Hair Restorative Mask.

Beautyfeatures.ie hair repair product picks for bleached hairTIGI Bed Head Dumb Blonde Shampoo & Reconstructor.

Beautyfeatures.ie hair repair Christmas gift set pick for coloured hair Redken Colour Extend Shampoo & Conditioner Pack For further gift ideas, read All I want For Christmas is a Beautyfeatures Gift Set.