The 101 on Exfoliation with Dermalogica's NEW Daily Milkfoliant!

The 101 on Exfoliation with Dermalogica's NEW Daily Milkfoliant!

Here at BeautyFeatures, we’re thrilled to stock the NEW Dermalogica Daily Milkfoliant! This calming oat-based powder exfoliant will soothe skin, and moisture barriers will be restored. Want the inside scoop on all things exfoliation? Get the know-how below from Dermalogica’s Education Manager Victoria Evans!

So, what exactly is Daily Milkfoliant? What does it do?

It’s a peaceful way of exfoliation, everyday! It’s a vegan exfoliating powder, which is calming and polishes skin, supporting the moisture barrier for healthier-looking skin. It also contains key ingredients Oat and Coconut, which activate when they come into contact with water, releasing botanical extracts rich in Alpha Hydroxy Acids (AHAs) and Beta Hydroxy Acids (BHAs). This aids the process of removing any dead skin cells and dulling surface debris to even skin tone and texture. In addition to Oat and Coconut, you’ll also find ingredients that help nourish and replenish the moisture barrier including essential minerals, Hyaluronic Acid, Saccharide Isomerate and Atomized Sea Salt.

Is exfoliation bad for skin?

Exfoliation is only harmful if you’re doing any of these two things; using the wrong exfoliator for your skin type or over-exfoliating. Exfoliation offers great benefits to our skin, one being it supports the skin’s natural desquamation process – this is where our skin sheds dead cells and replaces them with newer cells. We generally lose around 500 million dead skin cells a day. So, without gentle regular exfoliation, dead skin can quickly build up leading to congestions, dry, dull skin and breakouts.

Should all skin types exfoliate?

All skin types can benefit from using an exfoliator, even sensitive skin. Sometimes we can be misinformed by claims that suggest we should only exfoliate once a week or if you have sensitive skin, you should avoid it entirely. Some also believe exfoliation can make breakouts worse. What is most likely, however, is that if you’ve experienced any negative effects from using an exfoliator, it wasn’t formulated for your skin type or it wasn’t used properly. Removing skin cells gently and regularly helps to renew our skin’s protective barrier and boosts hydration and resilience in our skin. Exfoliating regularly also helps clear congestion from pores and will brighten and smooth a rougher/ dull complexion. It also actives in our serums penetrate better.

What exfoliants are safe to use daily?

Years ago, Dermalogica championed the idea of daily exfoliation with their iconic powder exfoliant, Daily Microfoliant. These powder exfoliants, including the new Daily Milkfoliant are formulated for everyday use and won’t compromise the health of your skin. Microfoliation entrails the removal of superficial skin cells from our skin’s surface layer, also known as the Stratum Disjunctum. This thin layer of dead skin is often the reason for skin that appears dull and feels rough. Other exfoliants may be designed to use weekly if they offer a deeper exfoliation, thus they’re not suitable for daily use.

Can I exfoliate too much, and how do I know if my skin is over-exfoliated?

If you use the wrong exfoliator, it can harm the skin. Signs of over-exfoliation include skin irritation, increased sensitivity, breakouts and/ or skin that is dry, dehydrated and flaky. It’s vital to be conscious of exfoliating ingredients in other formulas you’re using. For instance, you may discover acids in cleansers, tonics, and serums that are not marketed as ‘exfoliants’. If you use multiple formulas in your skincare routine which contain exfoliating actives, this will increase the level of skin resurfacing. It is recommended to stop exfoliating until skin recovers and reintroduce gradually if you experience these symptoms.

What exfoliating ingredients should I keep an eye out for?

For safe, daily-use products, powder based exfoliants will offer a gentle exfoliating experience for all skin types, and chemical exfoliants such as AHA’s, BHA’s and enzymes smooth the skins surface. Daily Milkfoliant gently polishes the skin whilst supporting the skin’s moisture barrier with calming and soothing ingredients.

  • Gentle skin exfoliation is achieved via fine Oat powder, botanical extracts rich in AHAs and BHAs, plus Papin enzymes.
  • Restoring the skin’s moisture barrier is achieved with vegan Coconut Milk powder, Saccharide Isomerate and Hyaluronic Acid. A moisturising film remains in place even after washing off and penetrates deeper in the skin for skin’s full replenishment.
  • Clinically proven to calmly smooth skin. Oat Bran Extract and Atomised Sea Salt comforts and calms the skin during exfoliation.

How often should I exfoliate, and where should it sit in my skincare routine?

Generally, exfoliation should be done after cleansing and before applying any serums and moisturisers. You can exfoliate daily during the morning or evening, whichever suits your preferred routine better. If you choose to also include a weekly exfoliant as well as daily, it is recommended that you don’t use your daily exfoliant on the same day.

Support skin post exfoliation by layering hydrating and protecting formulas such as Hyaluronic Ceramide Mist and Circular Hydration Serum. Daily application of SPF is also critical to defend resurfaced skin from damaging UV rays. Try Invisible Physical Defence SPF30.

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30th Jun 2022 Shannon

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