Get Your Feet Summer Sandal-Ready Stat!

Get Your Feet Summer Sandal-Ready Stat!

Posted by Tracy On 21st Jul 2015 In Scholl, Nails, Micro Pedi

Summers arrived, not in a blistering glory, but she’s here nonetheless and demanding perfect Pedi's and fabulously flawless feet as you slip those toes into your brand new Fiftlops, wedges and thongs! If winter has left a legacy of dry, scaly even cracked skin, then it’s time to ensure your feet look as gorgeous as the shoes you’re stepping into! Check out our top 6 tricks for tip-top tootsies in a flash!

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#1. Dip & Soak

Fill a tub of warm water with a few drops of tea tree oil and immerse those tired feet for a deep cleanse. Grab a cloth and soap and rub your feet, making sure to get stuck into the spaces between your toes where dirt and dry skin tend to gather, your feet will feel refreshed and revitalised in a lathered instant! We recommend dipping those tired toes into a soak at least a couple of times per week during the hot summer months. Why not try  Scholl Velvet Smooth Foot Soak ? Have a read of Get Fun, Funky Feet with FitFlop Spring/Summer 2015 for summer footwear inspiration!

#2. Exfoliate

Summer ready feet are not complete without an effective exfoliation. Prepping for the perfect summer Pedi’ entails ridding your skin of dry, scaly patches and that may take some time and a little effort. Choose from a pumice stone, foot scrub or exfoliating cream or from our range of  Scholl  products created with your feet in mind.

#3. Buff Them Beautiful

Buff and beautify those tired, cracked feet into a smooth submission with the new  Scholl Velvet Smooth Express Pedi Electronic Foot File , designed to buff away hard skin in minutes. Created to deliver super smooth, ultra-healthy feet with ease, the Scholl Express Pedi will glide across dry, cracked skin, leaving a trail of luxuriously softened skin in its wake. A must-have in the quest for sandal-ready summer lovin’ tootsies.

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#4. Moisturise

With the skin on our feet up to ten times thicker than the rest of your body, it comes as no surprise that our feet need a more intensive moisturising routine that penetrates deep into the skin. We recommend investing in a rich, effective foot cream that delivers intense hydration and moisture where it’s most needed. For optimal response  moisturise after every shower, and a little TLC in the morning or before you bounce into bed each night will ensure a hydration hit as you sleep. Try the  Scholl Velvet Smooth Intense Serum for smooth, silky feet in seconds. However when moisturising stick to the top and bottom of your feet, but never between the toes, as this is the ideal environment for bacteria to grow. Smelly tootsies are a definite no-no!

#5. Care for your Cuticles

Cute cuticles are a must during summer. Apply a little touch of cuticle remover two to three times per week, then gently push back the cuticle and trim any hanging skin with cuticle clippers. Beautyfeatures stock the Micro Pedi 11 Piece Gift Set to cater for all your cuticle needs!

#6. Pretty Up that Pedi’

Summer toes scream hot pinks, creative corals and an array of totally on-trend seasonal shades. Experiment as you put your best foot forward, discover your signature shade with our selection from  OPI Red CarpetSeche and  Ciate . Top tip- make sure to invest in toe separators for a clean application!

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