5 Steps to More Youthful, Radiant Skin!

5 Steps to More Youthful, Radiant Skin!

Anti Ageing Skincare

Are you looking to turn back the hands of time (thanks Cher!) or age gracefully, preserving your natural beauty in creamy moisturised style? Bombarded by media images and a society that associates beauty with youth, for many of us it can feel almost complicated and somewhat expensive to remain vibrant and vital. Skin ageing is often a result of various issues at play: genetics, sun damage, smoking even a diet deficient in vitamins and minerals will lead to premature ageing and a dulled, lifeless complexion.

With only 20 to 30 percent of the ageing process being genetically determined, the secret to the fountain of youth is well within our grasp. So how do we stop the shrivelling, and quench dry thirsting facial and neck contours? How do we achieve the skin we desire, even deserve? The team at Beautyfeatures.ie have compiled a simple five-step routine with exceptional product recommendations that’ll keep your skin looking enthusiastic, youthful perhaps even putting Joan Rivers (a tad too far?)  to shame!

Step One – Use a Creamy Cleanser!

Try: Clarins Cleansing Milk - Dry/Normal - 200ml

Foaming cleansers don’t suit everyone, often they may strip the skin of essential moisture, leaving it thirsting and we all know dehydrated skin becomes ‘wrinkled’ skin. There is a plethora of cleansers available but look no further than Clarins Cleansing Milk, enriched with Alpine Herbs, Floral extracts and Vitamins A & E to hydrate and nourish. Skin is gorgeously softened, soothed, and gloriously radiant with much needed moisture.


Step Two – Regenerate with a Facial Mask!

TryGlamGlow Tingling Exfoliating Mud Mask

Many women skip this vital step as it can be time consuming. That’s where the brilliance of GlamGlow comes in! A revolutionary ‘10 minute in the jar facial’ designed to deliver a rapid, yet gentle multi-surface exfoliation, restoring photo damaged skin and rejuvenating brand spanking new skin cells. The skins collagen is stimulated in a 12 hour collagen synthesis leaving skin younger, toned and revitalised.

Step Three – Apply Moisture Supportive Toner!

TryDermalogica MultiActive Toner.

Damp skin is receptive skin! Moisturised, hydrated skin is beautiful skin! This lightweight facial spritz refreshes and hydrates as it balances and smooth’s the surface, allowing optimal absorption of your moisturiser or serum. Containing no artificial fragrances or additives, apply after cleansing or removing your facial mask for an intense moisture boost. Visit Dermalogica online for the full range of skin enhancing products!

Step Four – Bring on the Sassy Serum!

TryClarins Double Serum

Serums simply are the best defence against dehydration! Composed of a fine formulation that sinks stealthily beneath the skins cell, delivering a beautifying moisture and plumpness. Clarins legendary Double Serum is heaving with over 20 plant extracts that boost the skins vital functions, this innovative 2 phase system delivers a decisive anti-ageing solution in just one concentrate. Creating a firmer, smoother complexion as wrinkles and pores disappear, skin positively glows and appears more youthful. Who doesn’t want (or need) that?

Step Five – Complete with a Nourishing Moisturiser.

TryDermalogica Active Moist. 

Oh the clever moisturiser! A brilliant multi-tasker locking in moisture whilst delivering instant hydration to the thirstiest of skin. We recommend Dermalogica Active Moist for the ultimate lightweight, oil-free lotion. Encouraging a daily moisture protection that actively fights surface dehydration while smoothing the skins surface with lush botanical extracts. Contains no artificial fragrance or additives.

So ladies as we exercise our curvaceous bodies into a sweaty submission encouraging the emigration of our cellulite (maybe just me!) and chew hopefully on Apples, Oranges and Bananas, striving for preservation and a vital well-being, sleep soundly in knowing that we've got your skin covered - and it’s beautifully radiant, even more youthful skin!