Actyva P Factor Hair Loss Shampoo 250ml

Hair Type:
Hair Loss/Thinning
Cult Heroes:
Cult Heroes

Actyva P Factor Shampoo 250ml

Suitable For

Thin hair


The first integrated three-phase system that cleans, regenerates and helps to prevent hair loss, counteracting the damaging effects of free radicals and keeping hair healthy. Cleanses deeply but gently, providing a delightfully fresh and clean sensation. Used regularly, it helps to regulate sebaceous secretion and stimulate scalp vitality. Leaves hair soft and bouncy.

Direction of Use  

  • Apply to the hairline in sections.

  • Rake to distribute, from the hairline towards the top.

  • Massage with a circular motion.

  • Lather, rinse and towel dry. Repeat if necessary.

This product is certified Love Nature and ICEA Vegan .

Additionally, its packaging is made of Green Polyethylene.


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