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Thalgo Slim 7 Refining Drink 500ml

  • Thalgo Slim 7 Refining Drink 500ml

Thalgo Slim 7 Refining Drink 500ml

Nutritional Supplement – Weight Loss


Have you over indulged recently? Looking to be bikini ready as summer approaches, or perhaps a special event looms on the horizon? Take action with Thalgos Slim 7 Refining Drink, maximising weight loss and well-being in a 7 day programme. A delicious red berry flavoured blend of active plants and algae, prepare the body beautiful in just 7 days, well-being is restored as green tea aids in the fight against physical fatigue, rejuvenating and correcting the body’s energy balance.


  • 7 day programme to well-being and weight loss.
  • Focus, brown algae and guarana encourage weight loss and slimming
  • Meadowsweet and cherry stem optimise drainage.
  • Green tea combats physical fatigue.
  • Dilute the contents of measuring cup into a large cup of water.
  • First three days: Use two 50ml measuring caps per day.
  • Next four days: Use one 50ml measuring cap per day.


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