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If your current diet is power packed with vitamins and nutrients, chances are you’re being rewarded with a complexion that gleams and beams with health and vitality, however, there are times when your skin needs a boost of skin-loving goodness from the inside out. That’s where vitamin-enriched skin care products and treatments come in, creating skin that screams fabulous on every level. So what transformative skin loving products should you be putting on your skin? Read on and don’t forget to glow.....

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Target: Fine Lines & Wrinkles

Vitamin: Vitamin A

Girls who love their skin care will know a thing or two about retinol! Well, this anti-ageing genius is actually derived from vitamin A and is often found in potent serums, concentrates and night creams. Clinically proven to smooth lines and fill wrinkles while reducing rough skin and pigmentation, retinol is a must-have in the fight against age and for optimal results pop it on before bed and wake to gorgeously younger skin.

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Target: Redness & Dehydration

Vitamin: Vitamin B

Commonly referred to as ‘niacinamide’ on your skin care packaging, vitamin B (in particular vitamin B3) infuses the skin with hydration while effectively reducing redness. Not only does vitamin B rehydrate but it also fortifies the skin’s protective barrier, helping to keep sensitive skin types free from irritation.

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Target: Pigmentation

Vitamin: Vitamin C

Knowing that eating vitamin C can boost your immunity it makes perfect sense that this super powered vitamin can prevent and defend against the signs of ageing. Fighting the appearance of wrinkles and skin that has lost elasticity, vitamin C can also reduce the appearance of pigmentation, creating a more even skin tone. Always apply under your sunscreen to help protect your skin from free radicals throughout the day.

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Target: Dehydration

Vitamin: Vitamin E

Well known for the protective and replenishing goodness it bestows, vitamin E is a thirsty skin saviour. As wind, cold and dry air, even air conditioning is prone to drawing out moisture from the skin, slather your skin in vitamin E goodness, including your face, body, lip and hands which will leave your skin gorgeously smooth, soothed and hydrated.

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Target: Dark Circles

Vitamin: Vitamin K

You may have dark under eye circles due to a loss of fatty tissue, weak or deoxygenated blood vessels, your age or simply as a result of a lack of sleep! Vitamin K has been proven to improve blood circulation under eyes, making them appear brighter and more awake. Banish the panda eyes by dabbing your under eye area with a vitamin K rich eye cream each morning and night, for younger less stressed skin.

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