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Relactagel Lactate Vaginal Gel

  • Relactagel Lactate Vaginal Gel
  • Relactagel - vaginal pH tubes

Relactagel Lactate Vaginal Gel (7 single dose tubes)


Discover the discreet at home treatment for Bacterial Vaginosis from the makers of Relactagel Lactate Vaginal Gel. BV is one the most prevalent health issues for women affecting around one in three women at some point in their lives. BV can be caused by a variety of factors such as hormonal changes (during menstruation, pregnancy and the menopause to sexual intercourse, antibiotics and even being overzealous with your hygiene habits) and can produce a bacterial imbalance in the vagina causing the pH levels to become too high. This is turn causes inflammation, vaginal discharge and pungent odours – all tell tale signs of Bacterial Vaginosis. Relactagel Lactate Vaginal Gel features lactic acid which works to rebalance the vaginal flora and pH levels and as an effective preventative for future flare-ups. Suitable for women of all ages, this discreet, private at home treatment is an easy to use, comfortable gel that is applied directly into the vagina. Say goodbye to discomfort and unease with Relactagel Bacterial Vaginosis Treatment available at Beautyfeatures.ie

  • A discreet private at home treatment for Bacterial Vaginosis.
  • Features lactic acid that works to rebalance the vaginal flora and pH levels.
  • Suitable for women of all ages.
  • Can be used as a BV treatment of as a BV preventative.


Directions for use:

  • Simply apply using one tube a day for 7 days before bed.
  • If you are suffering from repeated flare-ups use monthly for 2-3 days after your menstrual cycle to keep your pH and bacterial balance healthy.

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