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Some things simply get better with age – and our multi award-winning Aromessence Neroli Oil Serum is no exception. This 100% pure, natural and preservative-free elixir may have been born in the ‘70s but it’s still topping the beauty charts almost 40 years later, having just scooped InStyle Magazine’s Best Aromatherapy Facial Oil Award for six consecutive years. Loved by beauty editors, skincare gurus and women of all ages, this potent concentrate skillfully blends Petitgrain, Neroli, Sandalwood, Juniper Berry and Sage Essential Oils to actively decongest, calm, tone and revitalise every type of skin, all with just a few precious drops. How? Essential Oils are renowned in the industry as one of the most powerful ingredients with the ability to deliver their potency straight to the source to help regulate any imbalances thus maintaining the skin’s equilibrium for optimum health. Famed as the experts in aromatherapy, DECLÉOR has always been at forefront of developing products that can dramatically increase not only wellbeing, but also complexions of every age making Aromessence Neroli Oil Serum a beauty essential that no bathroom shelf or bedside table should be without.


Although they are instantly comforting all year round, certain Essential Oils have the added bonus of being deeply nourishing, making them perfect for moisture-sapped summer complexions. Even if our climate doesn’t guarantee endless hours of sunshine, even a small amount of UV light (especially when combined with air conditioning) can leave skin drier and less resilient than usual. Aromessence Marjolaine is the perfect remedy. This ultra-nourishing Essential Oil cocktail contains cranberry, argan, babassu and advocado to give skin an instant moisture surge. Blended with Hazelnut, vitamin-rich Avocado and Wheatgerm Plant Oils it helps slow dehydration to leave skin super supple and silky smooth – the perfect start to a glowing summer.


Sun exposure is vital for the production of Vitamin D (essential for healthy hair, teeth and nails) but we all know UV light is also responsible for ‘age’ spots and pigmentation marks. As we get older – and especially during pregnancy – our complexions are particularly vulnerable to photo ageing. If your skin is showing tell-tale signs then try Aromessence White. This expertly blended cocktail of naturally whitening Essential Oils including Parsley and Lemon gently lightens dark spots and kick-starts cellular regeneration in the process. With Cassie Essential Wax and protective Muscat Rose Plant Oil our radiance-enhancing concentrate leaves skin tone more even, more vibrant and even a little younger looking too.


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