Sheercover Studio - Introductory 7 Piece Kit (Light)

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Sheercover Studio - Introductory 7 Piece Kit - Light 

Sheer Cover Studio™ Kit items worth €134.99 when purchased separately


Your 7-Piece complete Skincare Mineral Makeup Kit helps you look flawless, radiant and beautiful with the 5 daily makeup essentials, plus a remarkable Skincare Duo: protective and hydrating Nourishing Moisturiser SPF 15 and Base Perfector Primer which helps to minimise the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. 


Core Kit:

• Perfect Shade® Mineral Foundation (1.5g) 
• Conceal & Brighten Trio (2g) 
• Sun-kissed Bronzing Minerals (2.5g) 
• Lengthening Mascara (6ml) 
• Lash Extending Fibers (0.3g)


 Base Perfector Primer (15ml) 
• Nourishing Moisturiser (30ml)


How to:

Step 1

Nourishing Moistruiser Smooth onto clean skin. Allow Nourishing Moisturiser to absorb completely before applying Base Perfector Primer.

Step 2

Base Perfector Primer Apply a thin layer of this silky, transparent base cream after moisturising and your pores will appear smaller and lines less visible.

Step 3

Conceal & Brighten Trio

1. Cleanse and moisturise the face. Allow moisturiser to dry completely.

2. Apply the Concealer with the Sheer Cover Studio™ Concealer Brush or a fingertip by dabbing and blending under the eye area or over blemishes, scars, darks spots or any other areas needing coverage. Remember to blend the two shades as needed for a perfect shade match.

3. Brighten your eyes instantly by applying the Brightener under the brow bones and at the inner and outer corners of each eye, blending well. Use the Sheer Cover Studio Concealer Brush or a fingertip for application.

Step 4

Perfect Shade® Mineral Foundation

1. Tap or shake a small amount of Perfect Shade® Mineral Foundation into the lid of the jar.

2. Dip the Sheer Cover Studio™ Foundation Brush into the lid and tap off excess powder.

3. In circular motions, from the outside of the face working inward, gradually blend Perfect Shade® Mineral Foundation over cheeks, nose, chin and forehead - or wherever you want to cover imperfections.

Step 5

Sun-Kissed Bronzing Minerals

1. Apply this pressed mineral powder over Perfect Shade® Mineral Foundation by lightly dusting it on areas of the face that need highlighting, until you achieve your desired colour. Use the Sheer Cover Studio™ Foundation Brush or a blush brush for application.

2. Reapply, as desired, throughout the day to provide the perfect balance of shimmer and colour to your face for a glowing complexion.

Step 6

Lengthening Mascara & Lash Extending Fibers

1. Apply 1 to 2 coats of the Lengthening Mascara to your lashes to create a base for the Lash Extending Fibers.

2. After Mascara, apply a layer of the Lash Extending Fibers.


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