Phyto Phytomillisime Colour Locker 100ml (Pre-Wash)

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Coloured Hair


PhytoMillesime Color Locker is a pre-wash treatment that preserves the vibrancy of your hair colour, the new must-have in your hair care routine. Its unique gel-in-oil texture gently coats the hair restoring the protective shield and locking in the pigment. Colouring and highlighting your hair can weaken the hair fibre, this can lead to your colour fading over time as your hair become dry, dull and difficult to style.

Direction of Use

Apply PhytoMillesime Color Locker on to dry hair, from roots to tips, one section at a time. leave on for 2 minutes then wash hair as usual.

Key Ingredients

  • The Red Love® apple extraction, a great antioxidant, acts like a shield that protects the hair from external aggressive factors, strengthens the fibre, and maintains colour.
  • Apple fruit and blossom extraction and hibiscus extraction gently smooths the scales of the hair, giving it a glossy radiance.

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