NIOD Lip Bio-Lipid Concentrate - 15ml

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Who is it for?

All skin types


A comprehensive treatment to improve lip colour, volume, texture, softness and contour, combining peptide technology and bio-technology.

  • Increases the look of lip volume while helping to sustain hydration increase of +50.6% even 20 hours after application
  • Improves the appearances of lip suppleness and firmness
  • Supports against oxidative compounds
  • Nicotinic Acid Methyl Ester - Traditionally used to relieve aching muscles after exertion, this compound causes an increase in visible lip redness almost immediately for a darker, more pronounced appearance
  • Very-low-molecular-weight hyaluronic acid cross-linked with a bio-derivative of Japanese Konjac increases water-retention dramatically by a 2,400% maximum
  • Inca Inchi Oil, composed of more than 80% omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids, helps support the epidermis by forming a barrier against water loss
  • Highly-purified isolate from sesame seeds enhances the look of lip volume by nearly 25%

How to Use

  • Apply with your fingertips to both upper and lower lips twice daily for 30 days initially
  • Reduce application to once per day thereafter
  • Avoid the eyes and the surrounding skin
  • Wash hands after application

BeautyFeatures Style Guide:

  • This serum contains an immediate-acting technology to increase visible lip redness without any pigments or dyes. To avoid redness of the surrounding skin, apply only a very small amount with your fingertip directly on the lips- do not apply to the skin and especially avoid sensitive areas. NIOD recommends washing your hands after application. The immediate-term redness on the skin will disappear within a few minutes on its own. 

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