Fairydrops Brow Wow Wow Ultra-Fine Liner Pen - Light Brown


Fairydrops Brow Wow Wow Ultra-Fine Liner Pen - Brown


Brow Wow Wow is the latest launch from Fairydrops, the brand behind Japan's best-selling mascara. 

This fine felt-tip pen is perfect for detailing single hairs to extend the tail of the brow or to fill in gaps. Results last without smudging and the formula is waterproof as well as enriched with skin nourishing treatment essences. 

Brow Wow Wow in Natural Nude Brown is great for blondes or those with light brows, but pay attention to the 'nude' bit as these pens deliver a very sheer colour result which makes for extremely natural-looking brow enhancement.


How to: on clean, dry brows, sketch in individual hairs to define and shape.

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