Emu Oil 55ml

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Emu Oil 55ml

Natural Healing Oil for Muscle & Joint Problems & Repairing Damaged Skin


Discover Emu Oil, an ancient remedy for modern times! A multi-functional naturally occurring healing oil that offers the perfect remedy for muscle and joint issues, for nourishing and rejuvenating dry damaged skin and for its anti-inflammatory and anti-ageing action. A pure Australian sourced oil steeped in history with its great capacity for healing first discovered by the Aborigines thousands of years ago.


Emu Oil is suitable for people of ages and is gentle enough for the most sensitive of skin to be used on a daily basis, non-allergenic, this brilliant healing oil can also be used to regenerate and revitalise the scalp and hair. 



What are the properties of Emu Oil?


• Anti-inflammatory
• Anti-bacterial
• Promotes deep cellular regeneration
• Non-Comedogenic (doesn’t block pores)
• Non-allergenic (no side effects)
• Transdermally conductive (penetrates skin)
• A natural product


What can Emu Oil be used for?

• relieves aches and pains in muscles and joints
• soothing and moisturizing dry or chapped skin
• reduces inflammation and swelling in muscles and joints
• penetrates the skin to encourage blood supply to bruising and tissue damage
• moisturizing several layers of the skin naturally
• encouraging hair and skin cells to re-grow (only the sleeping ones)
• decreases the effects of some skin complaints
• lessens the scarring of recent wounds
• inducing and increasing the effects of therapies working with muscles, joints and skin
• helping skin, joint or muscle problems in animals.



How to use:


For dry skin and mild rashes: Apply a small amount of pure Emu Oil directly to the area and lightly spread over the skin. A drop of Emu Oil will cover an area the size of the back of your hand. You do not need to rub Emu Oil in – it will absorb within a few minutes. Apply as needed.


For small wounds, burns and open rashes: Remember that fully refined Emu Oil is bacteriostatic (inhibits growth and reproduction of bacteria without killing them). Ensure the area is clean first. Then pure Emu Oil can be introduced by dropping right on the area or by applying it with a clean swab or applicator.





Emu oil is made up of fatty acids which are mainly (70%) mono and poly unsaturated fats. It also contains different essential fatty acids, Linoleic acid (Omega 6) and Alpha-Linolenic acid (Omega 3) which are highly beneficial. Omega 6 helps replenish skin cells, and Omega 3 has anti-inflammatory properties. The main fatty acid (up to 40% or more) is Oleic acid (Omega 9) which is mono-unsaturated and is said to be beneficial in reducing inflammation and pain. Fatty acids are essential in our diet as they help maintain cell growth and help control blood clotting and inflammation. 

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