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PreSeed - Sperm Friendly Lubricant

  • PreSeed - Sperm Friendly Lubricant

PreSeed - Sperm Friendly Lubricant

Fertility Aid for Couples trying to Conceive.


Trying to conceive can present many fertility obstacles and can be quite a frustrating and traumatic journey for many couples. Why not increase your fertility with PreSeed Sperm Friendly Lubricant. With the support of both scientists and clinicians confirming the efficacy of the PreSeed formula, this fertility friendly personal lubricant has been designed to mimic the body’s fertile cervical mucus, relieving vaginal dryness without impacting the natural bodily fluids that benefit sperm. Boasting the same pH level as semen, PreSeed Sperm Friendly Lubricant creates the optimal environment in which to support sperm on their journey to fertilise the egg. A Glycerin free formula that is power packed with antioxidants and endorsed by fertility experts and used by fertility clinics worldwide, PreSeed Sperm Friendly Lubricant is truly outstanding as the only personal lubricant clinically proven not to harm or damage sperm.


Benefits of using PreSeed Sperm Friendly Lubricant:


• PreSeed is the only FDA approved personal lubricant specifically created to be sperm friendly.

• PreSeed is clinically verified and endorsed by fertility experts and fertility clinics worldwide.

• PreSeed is applied to the internal walls of the vagina allowing for maximum lubrication and creating the optimal living conditions for the sperm.

• PreSeed is a first class lubricant and internal moisturiser for woman, preventing vaginal dryness.

• PreSeed boasts active ingredients’ and power packed antioxidants that benefit cell function and increases the chances of conception.

• PreSeed is the number one choice for couples who wish to experience heightened lubrication whilst trying to conceive.

• Can be used purely as a top class lubricant for women experiencing vaginal dryness.


How to use:


• The amount of PreSeed to use will vary depending on the desired level of lubrication.

• Apply your PreSeed Lubricant up to an hour before having intercourse.

• Ensure to wipe off any excess lubricant that may be present with a tissue.

• Apply lubrication through using the intravaginal applicators, start by using 1gm and increasing to the desired level for optimal lubrication.




Each box of PreSeed Sperm Friendly Personal Lubricant features a 1.4 ounce tube and 9 applicators. Use the applicator to ensure you apply close to the cervix, as this is where the lubricant optimises the movement and fluidity of the sperm.


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