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Pharma Nord LipoExit Pharma Nord (60 caps)

  • Pharma Nord LipoExit Pharma Nord (60 caps)

Pharma Nord LipoExit (60 caps)


Weight Loss & Weight Control


Reveal a beautifully sculpted figure with Pharma Nord LipoExit. An innovative blend of biologically active compounds chosen for their optimal benefits and support in the loss and maintenance of weight. When combined with exercise and the pursuit of a healthy lifestyle, Pharma Nord LipoExit is your own personal trainer in a capsule. So often in the pursuit of weight loss goals, fatigue, sugar cravings and bloating can present problems and hinder your success, with Pharma Nord LipoExit  which has been cleverly formulated to promote not only weight loss but also to maintain normal bloods sugar levels, these problems are eliminated.



  • Pharma Nord LipoExit is a single pill that blends ChromoPrecise (chromium), Ascorbit (vitamin C) and FibrePrecise (a single source of fibre extracted from the shrimp) and pectin, obtained from the lemon rind.
  • LipoExit contains the perfect amount of active ingredients designed to encourage and maintain weight loss and ensure normal blood sugar levels.
  • Pharma Nord LipoExit also acts as an appetite suppressant, reduces bloating, fights fatigue, tackles craving and delivers an effective detoxifying effect.
  • Be in control of your personal weight loss goals and desired body finish.




Directions for use:


  • Recommended dosage is 2 x 2 tablets daily. Take 2 at lunch and 2 at dinner.
  • For optimal absorption take tablets at least 30 minutes before meals and with plenty of water.
  • Ensure to consume at least two litres of water per day when taking Pharma Nord LipoExit.




FibrePrecise® fat burner, along with other biologically active compounds such as artichoke (supports weight loss and detoxification), chromium (contributes to metabolism and maintaining normal blood glucose levels to help with sugar cravings), vitamin C (contributes energy-boosting metabolism and a reduction in tiredness levels and pectin from citrus peel.





Contra Indications:


  • This is not suitable for those with a shell fish allergy
  • This is not suitable for individuals with a lower than normal body weight (BMI<20)
  • LipoExit can bind to all fat soluble substances and reduce or delay the effect of contraception medicine or hormonal treatments.
  • Ensure at least a four hour window of separation of intake between LipoExit and medications, and other vitamin mineral supplements.
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