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NHP Getting Pregnant Faster

  • NHP Getting Pregnant Faster

NHP presents “Getting Pregnant Faster” 

Boost Your Fertility in Just 3 Months – Naturally 


Discover the definitive guide to improving your fertility and a successful conception with Dr Marilyn Glenville’s ground-breaking book “Getting Pregnant Faster”. For many the very real issues surrounding infertility and the emotional and physical toll of struggling to conceive is heart-breaking. Written by the UK’s leading nutritionist and specialist in women’s health and fertility, Dr Glenville has assisted many couples in their quest for a successful pregnancy. In this unique book she draws on the latest research and over 20 years of clinical experience to educate how a tailor made programme can maximise your chances of conception, by dispelling myths and rumours and unravelling the science behind fertility.  An easy to follow practical day to day read that delivers an innovative and unique 3 month ‘Boost Your Fertility’ plan that will aid you in getting pregnant faster and in a healthy and natural way.

  • Features Dr Glenville’s 8 steps to fertility: diet, lifestyle, fertility boosting supplements, eliminate environmental and occupational hazards, screen for infections, getting the timing right, fertility tests and assisted conception.
  • Provides self-help strategies for both men and women to enhance fertility
  • What supplements and which diet maximise the chances of conception?
  • How to improve your chances for successful IVF
  • Learn information that deals sympathetically on how to prevent miscarriage
  • Informs on the effects of stress, smoking, drinking and other lifestyle factors may inhibit your chances to conceive
  • Features an innovative 3 month boost your fertility plan 

‘The results have been outstanding and I’m sure this integrated approach is the way forward in patient care. Marilyn’s books are always easy to read, informative and very practical. This book is no exception.’ Mr Yehudi Gordon MB, Bch, MD, FRCOG, Consultant gynaecologist and obstetrician. 

Dr Marilyn Glenville is the UK's leading nutritionist specializing in women's health. She is the author of the international best-seller, New Natural Alternatives to HRT, a Fellow of the Royal Society of Medicine and a member of the Nutrition Society.

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